Quality testing is an essential part of the denim fabric manufacturing process to ensure that the fabric meets certain standards for performance and durability. Here are some examples of quality tests commonly used for denim fabrics:

Tear strength: This test measures the force required to tear a piece of fabric. For denim, tear strength is an important indicator of its durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Tensile strength: This test measures the maximum force that a fabric can withstand before breaking. For denim, tensile strength is an important indicator of its ability to resist stretching or elongation.

Abrasion resistance: This test measures a fabric's ability to withstand rubbing or friction. For denim, abrasion resistance is important since it's a commonly worn material that often comes into contact with rough surfaces.

Colorfastness: This test measures the fabric's ability to retain its color when exposed to light, washing, or other environmental factors. For denim, colorfastness is important to ensure that the fabric doesn't fade or lose its color over time.

Shrinkage: This test measures the amount of shrinkage that occurs when the fabric is washed or exposed to heat. For denim, shrinkage is important since it can affect the fit and appearance of the garment.

Pilling: This test measures the fabric's tendency to form small, tangled balls of fibers on the surface. For denim, pilling can affect the appearance and texture of the fabric.

Overall, quality testing is important for denim fabrics to ensure that they meet certain standards for performance and durability, and to identify any potential issues that may arise during manufacturing or use.

Fabric Physical Lab

Each and every batch of fabric has to pass through the fabric physical lab before going for inspection and packing. Fabrics are tested with International AATCC and ASTM test methods such as weight, width, shrinkage, movement after skewing, tear and tensile strength, and fastness (washing fastness, crocking fastness). The lab is equipped with Tensile strength tester, Tearing strength tester, Crock Meter, Spectrophotometer, Projection microscope, Stiffness tester.

Chemical Lab

All the input dyes and chemical are being tested and certified. The lab is equipped with Ovens, Muffle furnace, Miniature padding mangle and Various other chemical testing apparatus.

Dyeing Lab

Premo Denim has set up a high performance lab dyeing machine which in itself is a mark of technological advancement. Being one of its kind, the machine has the ability to flawlessly and flexibly deliver multicolor shades. The dyeing lab is also equipped with auto titrator & chemical analysis equipments.

Washing Lab

This washing lab ensures that all commercial qualities withstand various dry & wet finishes as per latest trends. All the development qualities are also being tested at the washing lab before presentation to the customers. The equipments in the washing lab are equipments for dry finishes, Hot plate wrinkle machine, Spraying unit, Sample washing machines, Ball washing machine, Hydro extractor, Tumble Dryer, Oven.