Welcome to Premo Fabric


The denim fabric manufacturing facility is located near Sonipat, Haryana. Today Premo Fabric has become one of India's most versatile, flexible, and vertically integrated denim manufacturing facilities by equipping all the machinery and equipment necessary for producing and processing fabric through different stages for luster and softness.

The machinery ranges here at Premo Fabric include direct/indirect warping, dying, weaving, singeing, desizing, finishing, packing.

We here at Premo Fabric are also committed to sustainability by complying with all industry and GOI norms as well as maximizing efforts to minimize the carbon footprint. Premo Fabric is considered a trusted and preferred partner by various leading brands both globally and domestically.

At Premo Fabric, our passion for creating exceptional denim is our legacy. Our success is not measured by numbers alone, but by the joy we bring to each day as we weave beautiful stories. We bring passion for excellence across all of our business interests, elevating business to an art form. Today, our legacy inspires us to continue weaving success stories across India and the world, sharing our passion through our yarns, greige fabrics, and denim.

When we craft denim at Premo Fabric, we create more than just a piece of fabric. We provide a canvas for you to create your own masterpiece by playing with colors, washes, textures, and trends. We pour our heart, soul, and mind into making the finest fabric possible, which you can transform into a timeless sensory delight. Our labor of love is now yours to create something truly amazing for the body and mind.

Our Philosophy

Premo Fabric philosophy is built on three pillars: Precision, Innovation and Quality, or as we call it, The PIQ Theory.


Our mission is to be the premier denim supplier in the world. We seek out and select the best when it comes to our people and our resources and to work with Passion and Pride & to offer flawless products crafted with love & care.


We are dedicated to being ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion. We research the market extensively and search the world to bring you the latest, most innovative denim designs and to enhance customer delight.


We are steadfast in our mission to produce superior quality textiles and hold ourselves to a high standard of achievement. We take pride in being the resource our customers turn to for their textile needs and we always provide the best possible service.